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Finally :) Its already been a year in college, and saw some kids from the new batches, and a friend randomly mentioned - even you get to be a senior! >> not that I know what he meant by that I have been a teacher! being a senior is no big deal !>> but yesh it still feels nice and funny >> 

xD so yes its bk to school for another year. Summer hardly felt like summer, those of you who have me on fb must have seen the spam xD I spent my summer in Kenya *-* lovely place, lovely weather. Sadly I didn't see lions D= >> buuut am def going bk there to see them someday xD

it does feel a wee bit strange to update this journal after God knows how long >> but I still stalk people here >> just fail at posting is all >> annnd I missed it xD so you get random update :) hoping to be more regular and spam more =]

muses have been sleepy but I have been logging them here and there, hopefully they'll be up soon to break the hiatus at Midori's. I'll still wait for college to settle down a bit.

Annnd if you guys(girls) have watched any good shows over the past few months, tell, cause I'm looking for new stuff to watch xD

>> and brain wants to stop. Its past 1:30 at night/morn so it was failing anyways xD

*waves to flist*


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I knowwww *fails*

>P now to catch you ol sometime xD


Uh... good luck with that. I won't be on AIM until Uni. My internet is pretty much broken, as soon as I log into AIM it logs me back out... orz;

D= ;-; something or the other will work outtt

Pretty much those faces, yeah XD I've had to email Puppy over the past week as AIM doesn't work orz;;;

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